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Looking at the future

New winemaker Alessandro Leoni, new projects and a new adventure to do better and better

At Palazzo Vecchio there is news, Alessandro Leoni thirty-four years old with a degree in Agricultural Sciences and Technologies has joined the staff of Palazzo Vecchio.

A pupil and collaborator of Riccardo Cotarella, he expanded his experiences by collaborating with the University of Tuscia at the "Department for innovation in biological, agri-food and forestry systems", on an indirect project for the technological and sustainable development of wineries. Alessandro Leoni will follow all the phases of the production cycle and winemaking processes giving continuity to the constant research of Palazzo Vecchio to improve the quality of his wines.

Among the many experiences of Alessandro Leoni the collaboration with the companies "Podernuovo a Palazzone" and "San Salvatore 1988" and the creation of wines such as L’Aglianico Gillo Dorfles and Turasi Riserva di Case d’Alto.