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Palazzo Vecchio

The Tuscan quality of wine

The usually chaotic and exciting Vinitaly world offered many nice surprises for Palazzo Vecchio which presented its new wines and in particular Nobile "Maestro" 2013, with an intense ruby red color with complex aromas and important but not aggressive tannins, the Riserva 2010 and Rosso 2014 and this last one was appreciated for his great drinkability once again.



Our goal is to use natural fertilizer in all the vineyards in a traditional manner, with the sowing of the broad bean* for green manure*. In this way we increase the organic substances in the soil and we have greater soil fertility thanks to the production of nitrogen, an element which is good for healthy vegetative cycle of the grapevine.

*green manure consists of rotating the soil with certain plants in order to increase the fertility of the soil

* broad bean is a leguminous plant that increases thenitrogen in the soil


 The commission, composed of technicians, journalists and sommeliers, gave its verdict on the quality of the vintage and the wines of 2015: 5 stars, the maximum possible score. The wines will be, therefore, not only technically important, but of the highest quality wines for a fantastic vintage.