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Palazzo Vecchio

The Tuscan quality of wine

Padiglione 9 - Stand C6

This year will be special for Palazzo Vecchio: they will be present with a 12 m sq. stand in the Tuscan Pavilion. 

For the occasion they will be tasting the following wines:

Rosso Cortona DOC 2014

Rosso Dogana DOC 2013

Nobile Maestro DOCG 2012

Nobile Riserva DOCG 2010

Terrarossa DOCG 2009


Come and learn about our wines which have always been synonymous with quality and attention to our terroir.

During the Fiera, Palazzo Vecchio will take part in the "etichetta d’artista” competition with a special label designed by artist Marco Tamburro for our Nobile Maestro 2011. The bottles are available in .750ml and 1.5l magnum, and come with a label of authenticity from the artist and the winery.   


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Marco Tamburro, a 40-something based in Rome, is unquestionably a painter of great expression. His work is muscular; his instinct, force and passion pry open reality and the result is not only a true artistic performance but an athletic one. 

He’s spending some time with us at Palazzo Vecchio winery, far from the madding crowd, for a few days, where he’s both gathering inspiration and working on a new series. Some of his paintings are being shown this weekend and until October 27 at Palazzo Vecchio for special guests and by invitation. From October 20-26, visitors are welcome to see the exhibit, but by appointment only. Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  +39 393 566 6663 For information on sales please contact Galleria Spagnoli in Florence. 055/621252

The members of the Italian Association for Collectors of Corkscrew will be gathering on October 25 first at Palazzo Vecchio and then at La Dogana. The theme of the meeting is “How to Taste Wine.” An enologist and sommelier, Adriano Pallotti, from Pallotti’s enoteca in Rome,  will explain the arduous journey from grape to wine and will explain the differences on the nose and in the mouth.

How does yoga fit in with our winery and La Dogana? According to Gabriele Chi, it’s simple – the sense of relaxation that comes from practicing yoga is the same kind of happiness that comes from the polyphenols in red wine. It’s been proven by science: the GABA neurotransmitters that are released during yoga or from red wine bring calm to overactive neurons… With 25 years of experience, careful training by Danny Paradise (Sting’s yogi), and experience running his own large farm – with fruit trees, vines, and animals – Gabriele is the perfect instructor for Palazzo Vecchio and La Dogana. And if science doesn’t convince you, our shared values will. Respect the Earth and the human spirit  - it is tangible in our wines and in our outlook on life. Namaste and Cheers! 

August is over and it’s almost time for harvest! The vines are healthy although it has been a difficult year with a delicate balance of rain and sunshine. We expect harvest to begin around the 22nd of September and, starting on the 28th, a group of wine-tourists will be trying out our new wine&work activity, where we allow visitors to take part in the harvest, which is all done manually.