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If there is a company of the Nobile di Montepulciano for which we can use the term terroir, it is Palazzo Vecchio. The red clays of Valiano, enclave beyond the bottom of the Chiana valley, give the wines a very particular character: volume on the palate, grit in the tannin, a touch of earthy and blood in the aromas. This year the Nobile di Montepulciano 'MAESTRO' is a clear example of this: on the nose the ripe blackberry marries a pretty withered violet; in the mouth the adequate acidity will completely relax an important body. The Riserva is more subtle because of the vintage, well designed, for now a little marked by the wood. Rosso di Montepulciano "DOGANA" has a beautiful expressiveness of fruit on the nose and tannin extracted with care.